If you struggle to deliver your software due to performance problems, or your team occasionally needs a performance engineer, we can help you! We offer consulting services in the domain of C and C++ application development. Use the contact form to contact us.

Quick Consultations

We offer quick consultations, typically one or two hours in length, where you present the problem and discuss ideas on how to make the piece of code faster without our direct involvement. For this, we charge by the hour. Use the contact form to contact us.

Fast help with performance issues

Your software is slow and you need fast help to make it run at an acceptable speed? Another way to address this is with our direct involvement, where we inspect the source code you provide to find performance problems and help you fix them, quickly and reliably. This can save you months of engineering time or project cancellation. We have experience in performance optimizations in the domains of High-Performance development, application development, and embedded development in C and C++.

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For those teams where performance is important we offer training sessions, both on-site and online. The object of the training is to teach developers techniques for writing fast code and debugging performance problems. The courses are tailored to the team’s needs. For example, a team that works in the telecommunication domain will get training that focuses on vectorization and techniques to extract the maximum performance from the compiler. Another team that does development for financial software will be trained to write efficient C++ code.

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